Local SEO Checklist: 7 Simple Tips To Boost Your Dental Practice’s Visibility

Get prospective patients to see your local dental practice with our Local SEO Checklist.  Now, I’m not talking about the local phone books. If your practice is not appearing in “near me” or “dentists in Wausau WI” (insert your local city and state) then it’s time that you polish up on your local search engine optimization now.
You’re just in luck! We’ve put together a local SEO checklist that should help you get on the right track to increase visibility, ranking, and generate traffic!

Create Unique Content

Bust out and put on your writing hat, providing website content is an extremely important.
To optimize local SEO, you should be localizing your contest.
• Post testimonials from patients
• Post local-centric news
• Create case studies to boost credibility with local patients
• Write up bios of your different staff members with their photos to establish a more personable connection to potential patients
• Write or post images of local events that you recently attended to display community involvement

Target Keywords

In order for your business to be found and ranked high on search engine results pages, you need to think like a patient. Find out what people are typing when they’re searching for local services like yours. Use keywords and phrases that pertain to your business and that people are actually using; for example, “dental implant dentist.” But let’s be more localized since we are a local business, you can also make your keywords location-specific. For example, “dental implant dentist in Wausau Wisconsin.”

Don’t know which keywords to use?  For starters, make a list of relevant and important topics based on your business and industry. Ask your patients, employees, friends or family what keywords or phrases they would use to search for a business like yours. If you’re really stuck and needs more ideas, use Google suggestions – when you plug in a keyword into searches, related search terms will appear in bold at the bottom of Google’s results. Try it out! For the example below, I typed in “dental implants”.

It’s very important that your website’s content is optimized with target keywords to increase your visibility on results pages. Google Keyword Planner is a great tool and helps you find keyword ideas and shows you their estimated search traffic.

Meta Descriptions

This 160 character snippet is the summarization of a page’s content.  Meta descriptions provide an indirect benefit to optimizing on-page SEO. Its main purpose is to get the visitor to click on your link. An effective meta description should be around 135 to 160 characters, it should match its content, contain focus keywords, and be unique.

NAP Consistency

It’s a no-brainer, but listing your brand’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) consistently is critical for any business to rank well on geo-targeted search results. If you have only one location, include its details on the header or footer of every page.

Google Maps

Google maps is a helpful and visually appealing tool to embed on your Contact Us page, so why not use it? Show people exactly where you’re located so that they don’t have to leave your website to search for directions elsewhere.

Mobile Friendliness

Did you know that since “Mobilegeddon” – Google’s algorithm update earlier this year, they’re penalizing websites that are not optimized for mobile devices? Here’s another fact; search queries containing “nearby” or “near me” doubled in the past year, according to Google Trends, and 80% of those searches were from smartphones. So chances are people are searching for your services on the go. Missing out on mobile search traffic is a significant loss. So, make sure your website is responsive and provides a friendly user experience.  Is your site mobile-friendly?  Check it here.

Google My Business

This is a must, sign up for Google My Business, a free business listing that helps people find you easily.

Here’s how it will benefit your local SEO:
• Receive and respond to customer reviews
• Patients can find directions to your practice
• Manage and update how Google displays your business information
• Get insight on how users are interacting with your business listing, how many phone number clicks there were, and how many clicked for directions, etc..
When signing up, enter your exact practice name – no keyword stuffing. Also, your business address must be accurate and consistent with how it appears on various citations throughout the web. Remember that Google is nit-picky and will mask your local visibility if you’re not precise and consistent.  If you haven’t registered your dental practice yet, visit this link here; Google My Business.

After you’ve checked off these actionable tips from our local SEO checklist, your work is not done yet!  These are just a few basic pointers to get you started or at least onto the right path. If you want to outperform your competitors, there are some SEO mistakes you need to avoid. Take it from the experts, learn SEO best practices for your website.

At Beyond Marketing Solutions LLC, we specialize in internet marketing management for local dentists and healthcare service providers.  We take on the heavy lifting and responsibilities of internet marketing on your behalf, giving you more time to truly focus on your practice and patients.  We’re locally based right out of Wausau, WI and we keep it local.  We promise to give you a peace of mind while assisting you with the growth of your practice.