4 SEO Trends for Dentists in 2017


Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017! In 2016, mobile searches had taken over desktop. The way people seek information is changing. The way we communicate and reach people must change too. The importance of SEO continues to grow and change even as you read this blog.  Make sure your dental practice stays on top of the best SEO practices and always be moving forward.

4 SEO Trends for Dentists in 2017

With the ever changing trends of SEO, what should your dental practice focus on going into 2017?

Today, we’ll focus on 4 SEO Trends for Dentists in 2017 that we believe should influence your strategy for 2017:

1. Mobile First
Google has further pushed their shift towards mobile-first indexing. Meaning, that search engine results pages will be based primarily on mobile content from your site’s content. Google dives into more detail on their Central Blog. Google’s Mobile Index shift could radically change the way patients discover your practice, services, and brand.

If you have neglected Mobile Seo, now would be the time to get into the game.

However, if you do currently have a responsive and dynamic website, there is always room for improvement. This would be a good time to evaluate its performance. Ask yourself if your website is consistently driving new patients to your practice? Does it rank well on search engines? Are you optimizing AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) or Schema (Structured Data)?

If not, it might be time for a fresh website or an upgrade.

2. Video
Video content has been on the rise. Video marketing is not just a fad, especially with new technologies such as Snapchat, Facebook Live, and even Instagram. Create videos that highlight your office, values, and philosophy. Patients today want to be educated and informed about your practice so create some short tutorials.

3. Optimize for local search
Studies have shown that people are looking for a dentist within a 5-10 mile radius of their home.

How can you properly optimize your dental practice for local search?

1. Verify your Google My Business profile.
2. Make sure your information is complete, consistent, and accurate on Google and across other local listings (Yelp, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).
3. Generate reviews for Google and other listing sites. Practices with more positive reviews tend to have more visibility. Also, patients will choose the dental practice with more positive reviews over one with no reviews.

4. Create high-quality content
Well-written and purposeful educational content will continue to be important for rankings. Basically, you want to provide answers to patients online. Need some content ideas? Well, start with the top questions that a patient may ask. When should a child first visit the dentist? There’s your very first content idea that every new parent is always asking!

In Conclusion, we hope that the 4 SEO Trends for Dentists in 2017 will help you stay on the top of the best SEO practices and assist you in strategizing your digital marketing for 2017.

Have any questions or need any assistance managing your dental SEO strategy? We’re here to help. Contact us if you would like to learn more about how SEO will grow your practice.

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