Online Advertising

Get your practice to show on Google with Online advertising.

Online advertising with Google Adwords (PPC) generates more leads and patients for your practice at the precise moment they’re searching for your services.  PPC draws qualified traffic to your site by researching and bidding on specific keywords. PPC expedite conversions, generating ROI to make your PPC campaign a success.

With compelling Online Ad copy, you can encourage potential patients to visit your website rather than choosing to visit another practice. You need effective PPC Ad copy that attracts, informs and converts.

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Get lost visitors back onto your website – With Online Advertising PPC Remarketing!

One of the most effective types of PPC campaigns we customize is a remarketing campaign. Build brand awareness or show your ads to visitors that have visited your site.  When visitors are added to your remarketing list, we can then show them banner ads for an appropriate amount of time after their first visit to remind them about your brand and to potentially convert them into a lead or patient.

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