Google Adwords and Facebook Ads For Dentists

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Which is best for dentists, Good Adwords or Facebook Ads?

Google and Facebook have billions of users across the internet. When it comes to marketing your dental practice or brand online, you a lot of options.
As we all know, the most used search engine is Google and the most popular social media site is Facebook.
Both are completely unique, different, similar and could be extremely effective in growing your dental practice.
Both platforms give you access to hundreds of millions of users.

Google Adwords vs. Facebook Ads – Which one is the best for dentists?

Google Adwords

In its basic form, Google Ads allow you to identify and target specific keywords relevant to your brand or services. Your ad is then shown to Google users based on the keywords you target and how much your bid is per keyword.  You only pay when someone clicks on your ad – “pay-per-click”.

If you choose your keywords and bid wisely, Google Ads can be highly effective for finding patients who want or need your services.

We love Google Ads:

  • Adwords is a very effective and an active form of online advertising.
  • It reaches people at the moment of intentional discovery – when they go online to search for dental needs or dental providers.  This increases the chances of acquiring new patients because they are already in the decision-making stage.
  • With Google Ads, you know that someone is looking for a dentist or services you provide.

Example: You’re a pediatric dentist in Madison, WI. You place a bid of $4.00 on the keyword, “pediatric dentist in Madison WI”, to target young moms with children in your local community who are in search of a pediatric dentist. Your ad may be displayed in the top four spots of Google’s paid ads or at the bottom of the page. So your ad gets 3 clicks for one day resulting in you paying roughly $12 (could be minimally lower or higher depending on ad quality).

Facebook Ads

Facebook has the highest number of active users of any social networks. But because Facebook is a social network, it is the more passive form of advertising. People log onto Facebook to connect with family and friends and browse interesting content. They are not necessarily looking to be sold or interact with a product or service.

You can either pay per impression of your ads or “pay-per-click”. You choose what you believe is best depending on your goals.

Why we love Facebook Ads:

  • Facebook give you the access to reach a large population who might not even know about your dental practice or that they need your services.
  • Facebook ads focus on targeting demographics, interests, and behaviors. Most aren’t looking for a dentist but Facebook ads are considered a more “native” form of advertising over “interruption/disruptive” ads.
  • With Facebook, you can really make an impression and build brand awareness with engaging content – videos, photos, and article. Facebook ads give dentists a chance to become a part of someone’s life in a way that other forms of advertising don’t.

Example: You’re a Dentist who places dental implants in Minneapolis, MN and you run an ad campaign with a budget of $100 to target middle-aged females, income ranges of $50k-100k and reside within 10 miles of your practice. You get a total of 10,000 ad impressions to those targeted females and you receive 2 new implant patients. Much more effective than a newspaper ad. 🙂

So…which one is better?

To be honest, there is no clear winner as each network has its own pros and cons. Google Ads is best for direct patient acquisitions as they are in the moment of finding a solution to their issue while Facebook is the perfect network to grow and showcase your brand to people who can become patients down the road. Both are very effective with and without any special promotions or discounts. Yes, you can still find new patients without discounting your services.

How Google Adwords Help Dentists:

  • Instant search results leading to more qualified leads
  • You know people are searching for a dentist or a dental service you provide
  • You control your budget
  • Metric and analytics are provided

How Facebook Help Dentists:

  • Very effective and cost friendly
  • Works great as a branding platform
  • Reach people on the most popular and largest network
  • You also can control your budget

Unless one is experienced in creating and managing campaigns on Google or Facebook, any mismanaged campaigns can be costly. If you’re looking to hire a marketing agency to help manage your campaigns, here are a few topics to touch upon before signing on:

Do they specialize in the dental or healthcare field?

What type of experience do they have in the dental or healthcare field – are they trained help and do they have any hands-on experience?

Who are you really working with – account manager, sales rep, the CEO, etc.?

Are they exclusive?

Are you still considering whether Google Adwords or Facebook is best for your dental practice? Go ahead and click on the links below to keep learning more about each network or contact us and see how one or maybe both can be a solution to generating more new patients

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