Boost your dental practice with social media

Boost your dental practice with social media.  Connect with patients beyond the walls of your practice.

Most dentists know that social media is a vital part of a modern dental practice’s digital marketing strategy. Still, social media and its many ever-changing platforms can make the process feel overwhelming and time-consuming. If you’ve been reluctant to take the leap into social media marketing for your practice, you can get started with these simple steps.

Pick the Best Social Media Platforms for Your Practice

The use of social media continues to increase, and most importantly, the fastest growing demographic of social media users are individuals aged 45-54.
But not all social media platforms will be a proper fit for your practice: Some sites are more popular with certain age groups, offer different types of benefits or other features. The most important first step in your social media strategy is identifying what you want to accomplish and then deciding which of these will help maximize your marketing strategy.
You want to select two or three platforms you can devote your time to. Consider which social media sites your patients are using, who you’re trying to reach and how you would prefer to tell your dental practice’s story with text, photos or videos.

  • Facebook: This is going to be your biggest audience and your best chance to make a great impact. Facebook pages are personal extensions of your website. Every practice should have a Facebook page to better connect with its patients and the community. If you decide to use Facebook, you should be sharing photos, posting videos, handling customer service via questions, reviews, and comments.
  • Instagram: One of the more popular photo sharing apps that continues to grow. Is Instagram right for your practice? Not necessarily. Many practices take advantage of Instagram accounts by connecting to the community through feel good photos – local events, fundraisers, volunteer work, staff and practice updates, etc. You should be sharing photos and short videos with your followers and encouraging participation with certain hashtags to match your brand.
  • LinkedIn: The largest online professional network. LinkedIn can help you establish and increase your stature as an expert in the dental field. If you decide to use LinkedIn, you should build a company page and brand it to your practice, join similar dental or peer to peer groups and share expert dental advice.
  • Pinterest: Primary target audience with the majority of users being affluent, college-educated, females aged 18-34. This platform is different because of its high visual appeal. Pinterest helps practices reach new patients using images of your products or services, which users can “pin” to their own boards which will enhance your practice’s visibility exponentially.
  • Snapchat: A rising favorite app for millennials features quick messages, photos or short video clips—all of which disappear after they’re viewed. Practices can encourage participation with potential and current patients with custom Geofilters or enhance different event experience with a relevant sponsored Snapchat filter. With GeoFilters patients can take a picture using the Snapchat app and apply a custom filter that may include your practice’s logo or a special message.
  • Twitter: A platform wherein users share their thoughts, news, information, and jokes. Users subscribe to other users’ tweets. Your practice can drive practice awareness and gain viral momentum over time by sharing short text posts, photos, videos and retweet interesting posts.

The Primary Purpose Of Social Media IS NOT To Sell Dentistry

Once you’ve picked the best platform to reach your audience, follow these best practices to engage with your customers.
• Follow the 70-20-10 rule: 70% should revolve around sharing meaningful info, resources, and other relevant topics (for instance, provide facts and information your audience would find interesting and shareable, informative articles, local community or industry news). 20% should involve efforts in connecting and creating relationships. Finally, 10% should be fun personal, outside of the practice, “interesting” things and some self-promotion.
• Encourage participation and engagement from fans/followers.
• Reply always, quickly and warmly to all inbound questions and comments.

Don’t get overwhelmed

Start by mastering one social media platform at a time. Then venture into the other apps that you believe will benefit your practice. Social media can seem daunting, but social media can start boosting a dental practice’s presence online in short amount of time.

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