Best Social Media For Dentists


One of the most common question I am often asked; “Which of the social media networks should I be using for my dental practice?”

There are so many networks out there, but my short answer is to focus your social media effort on a few social media platforms. Pick the simplest ones that are right for you and do them well and consistently.

But what are the best social media for dentists and healthcare providers?

Each social media network has its advantages and disadvantages. The main thing is to be present where your target market is.  I’ll focus on 4 networks that I believe to be the simplest social media networks that anyone can jump right into without much effort or prior knowledge to help jump start their digital presence.

Best Social Media For Dentists Chart

Name Description Link
1.Facebook The largest and most popular social media network.
Dentists can create business pages for their dental practices to share links, articles, pictures, videos and more.
Facebook is the digital patient referral on steroids. As more patients start to “like” your dental page and “share” your content, their friends will see it, increasing your reach even further.
Create a Facebook page
2.Twitter Very popular social media network that specializes in utilizing hashtags to target specific topics and a great tool for enhancing PR and brand awareness. Using hashtags such as “dentist” and “Madison” will allow people who are interested in those topics to find your tweet.
The more tweets you post, the faster you will start to gain followers and extend your reach.
Create a Twitter Account
3.Google+ Though not exactly a social media network, but since it is powered by Google it has a direct impact on search results. Google enhances its search results with information gathered from users’ profiles.  A solid profile could also factor in how Google perceive your site.
You should share everything you do on Facebook over to your Google+ page.
Create a Google+ Business Page
4.LinkedIn The largest business focus network that serves as an excellent tool to gain professional credibility and exposure among a professional audience. LinkedIn would be used as a referral source from other professionals or businesses. Create a LinkedIn Business Page

Best social media for dentists and healthcare providers

An important rule to remember when using social media for dentists is to dive in and use only as many networks as you can handle.  Be fun, personal, and very non-commercial.

Social media marketing is one of the easiest forms of marketing.

Start utilizing social media marketing for your practice today!

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about social media for your practice.

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